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Free POM Safe Device

with a new service plan

Free POM Safe Device

(Regularly $99)

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A one-touch safety device that lets your child have a full, fear-free college experience.


in the

palm of their hand

in the palm

of their hand

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Help is only a tap away — anytime, anywhere.

No agonizing moments trying to find their phone or taking gloves off at -10º to use an app. 

From the dorm,
To Dinkytown,
To late-night labs,
And even away games.

POM keeps your child safe, on & off campus.

Set a timer and a destination. An alert will be sent with GPS coordinates unless canceled.

Never Walk Alone

Create a distraction with a fake phone call or text, the perfect cover for an escape.

Escape to Safety

Send a silent request for emergency help without tipping anyone off.

Discreetly Call for Help


How POM Keeps Students Safe

Our 24/7 emergency professionals can talk to your child or send help.


Student feeling uncomfortable or unsafe? They can send themselves a fake text or call.


Just wearing a safety device makes your child less of a target.


The best 911 call is the one that never happens. POM Safe gives your child the tools to stop violence before it starts.

Not reactive.



Your child can talk with dispatch through the device itself.


First responders know exactly where your child is, and any pertinent medical information.

GPS Location
& Profile

Unlike 911, our VIP emergency dispatch never gets overloaded.

Emergency Line


POM Safe

No need to worry about a dying device with POM Safe's long-lasting, 10-day battery life.

Long-Lasting Battery

Check in with friends & family by sending a pre-written message with precise GPS location.

Auto Call or Text

Other Lifesaving Features

Ring it from the app to find the POM Safe and whatever it’s attached to.

Find the POM Safe

Initiate an incoming call to the phone, providing a way to get out of a threatening situation.

Fake Phone Call

They need to quickly check in
with friends or family

They can use the POM when...

They're feeling unsafe or threatened

They're having a physical or mental health emergency

They see something suspicious

They're feeling disoriented

They need a virtual or voice “buddy” to walk with

Your child doesn’t have to become a statistic.


Don't leave

up to chance

Give them a fear-free college experience, on campus and off.

they've been sexually assulted.

of male college students say


of female college students and

their safety

— Mary Valentine, POM Safe User

“It just makes you feel safe.
You just hit a button and someone comes to help.”

System Upgrades

 + Added Features at No Cost

 on iTunes and Google Play

POM App Access

(Regularly $99)

Emergency Dispatch Line

2 Years of Service

Here's what's included in this exclusive offer:

The Complete POM Package

Only $19.99 per month

UMN Parents Weekend Promotion

with a new service plan

Free POM Safe Device


with Unlimited Access 

Always on, always there.

Peace of Mind.

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